Problems You’ll Run Into Trying To Market Your Cannabis Brand

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The United States, along with many other countries, has started to legalize marijuana for consumption on multiple levels. This end to prohibition has led people to start applying for permits to run their own businesses. One side of owning a business though is marketing that business, and that is where a lot of people fall short. 

The first problem you could have with any marijuana marketing is that you’re using digital ads. The digital ads are great for people outside of your general area to see f you’re trying to bring in a large crowd. However, if you’re trying to bring in the local population, print ads are the way to go. Print out an ad in the local paper or in a popular magazine. 

Another problem you could run into is that you’re competing with big companies who already have strong leads in the tobacco smoking industry. These companies are well known already, and if they step into the cannabis world they’ll be big players and hard competition to beat. To try to get ahead of the game try an in-store experiential, this lets potential customers come in and see what it’s all about. They can learn about your shop, and you can check sales over the next few days to see if this marketing tactic has worked for you. 

Add the problem of branding loyalty to the hurdles you have to jump over. You have to become a complete brand if you’re going to encourage loyalty from your customers. That means ensuring that you and your product look the part. Make sure your interaction space is clean and well kept and that your logo is on everything. This will help customers feel safer and more secure with you and your company, and they may choose you over bigger brands. 

Another huge problem you could run into is with your social media presence. A lot of people start of a cannabis-related brand thinking they can be a bit unprofessional online. This is not the case. Be careful with your social media presence and make sure you have a social media manager that knows your brand and the level of professionalism that you expect. 

The final problem is that you’re a business person now. You may not know anything about marketing. This problem has a relatively easy solution if you have a little cash that you’re holding onto. Hire a marketer, there are marketers that specialize in the cannabis industry, and they can make your life so much easier. These people know all the ins and outs of the growing industry, they stay on their toes, and they can help you become a leading provider in your community. Which is priceless in the ever growing and changing market. 

The cannabis world is growing fast. Whole countries, such as Canada have opened up legalization completely. With so many people looking toward the potential income and influx of jobs, it’s predicted that cannabis as a medical and recreational drug is here to stay.

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