Understanding The Legal Jargon Of Cannabis Businesses!

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So, you found out, that your state has now legalized marijuana. But that does not mean you can run right out and get it. It all depends on the individual states laws pertaining to the use of marijuana. It could be totally legal (including recreational), medicinal use only, or possibly for CBD oil sales. 

Your first step is to look up recreational cannabis dispensaries, and see if there are any nearby your location. However, this does not always mean you will find one. They are not always called this, either. Sometimes they are called, Adult use cannabis stores. Don’t mistake a Medical Cannabis Dispensary as a recreational use store,, although some stores are allowed to sell both. 

If the store sells both, it will be a divided store, with lines telling you way to go. The reasons for this is the fact, that medicinal use is just that. The people are prescribed the marijuana as a medicine, and have a prescription, with certain strengths, and amounts they can get. It may or may not be covered with their insurance, so this whole side would involve different paper work. Of course if it is a medicinal store only, then only those with a prescription could get the product. 

Some states have legalized marijuana, but only in the oils, and lotions form. These have no THC in them, so there is no “high”. Although it is said to make people calmer, and help with some pains. These are not technically “marijuana, or cannabis” stores. These are just places that sell other items as well as the oils and lotions. 

An adult cannabis store sells marijuana for recreational and other uses, in many forms, types, and strengths. Before even entering, you should know the rules prior to going. First, obviously, you must be 21 years of age, or older. Next you must have legal ID, either s drivers license, or state ID, both must be unexpired. Make sure to bring cash, most places don’t accept cards, and will have an ATM available, but that costs more. When you enter, there are usually menus to show you your choices, based on your needs. 

It is said that the most expensive, or the highest THC is not necessarily the best marijuana.Consult with a “budtender” yes a budtender to find out which is best for you. Now, if it is a busy store, they may not have time to really get into educating you. They will try, but it is best to go when it is not busy. This way they can devote some time for you to learn more about marijuana. Do try to read their websites before going, and take notes for questions you may have. It is much better to be a little prepared before going in blind. Remember, cannabis can be used and enjoyed many different ways. It can be smoked, eaten, swallowed in pill form or oils, or rubbed on, so have fun experimenting! 


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