It’s Not Where You’re At But Where You’re Going

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Valentine’s day, a time where people celebrate their love for each other through gift giving and romantic gestures is steadily approaching. For some, this valentines day will mean the start of a new journey, one that they and their significant other will embark on together. This journey, for a lot of couples during this time of year, began in the form of an engagement, while others are either preparing for or getting married. While weddings are a beautiful sight to see, no matter what time of the year, the right location can enhance the look and feel of your special day, beyond your wildest dreams. 

Of course, if two people truly love one another, there isn’t a need for any bells and whistles or big elaborate ceremony. While this is true, having the experience of such a beautiful day will provide amazing memories that a couple can cherish forever. The emotions evoked, the energy and the entire mood felt as they are engulfed in the ambiance of that day, is something that can not be surpassed nor put into words. The experience of having your dream and vision realized, is one that cannot be quantified and is truly priceless. 

Having a dream wedding is something almost every woman has dreamt of and any wedding planner worth their salt will scream, location, location, location! In fact, location is so high-ranking on most peoples wedding lists, that destination weddings have gained more and more popularity over the years. Many people opt to wed in places such as the Caribbean, Mexico and almost any place in the world you could think of, as there are many places around the globe that offer this service. 

On the other hand, if you still want a getaway type of ceremony, yet do not wish to travel outside of the US, Illinois has an extensive list of exquisitely designed venues. Country clubs and golf courses have been majestically transformed into a wondrous mirage of ceremonial bliss. Search weddings orland park il, and you will be amazed at the level of elegance a lot of these venues have. 

It just goes to show that flying to another country isn’t the only way to actualize your dream wedding. If you cannot or choose not to go to the Caribbean, yet love the island feel, then bring that vibe to you. With the right wedding planner, coordinator or just imagination and creativity, you can still have your dream wedding. That is the beauty of the mind and the power of imagination. 

Having the right backdrop or location, will definitely bring your vision to life and enhance the overall feel and look you are trying to achieve on your special day. By just narrowing down specific elements that you love about a place, you’ll find that there are other places that have those same elements, right here in the US. For instance, if you love the mountains of the Alps, Colorado has some of the most beautiful mountain views. Or, maybe you adore the palm trees and water of the Caribbean. Miami has some breathtaking beaches as well as beautiful weather. 

So, you see, although it is about location, what you actually do with the location is what truly makes that place special. A palm tree anywhere is really just a palm tree. Yet, a palm tree draped in white lights, in compliment to beautifully tied satin bows, is a memory. Nevertheless, regardless of what your taste is or where the location, at the end of the day, you already have the very best ornaments of all. Two souls coming together as one in front of family, friends, and God.

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