Offering Delivery For Your Pizzas

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As the owner of a pizza restaurant, you should keep in mind that not every customer will want to sit down and eat a meal. Some people will want to order something to take home with them. Another option is to offer delivery services so that customers can place an order and wait for their meal to arrive. If you’re considering offering this service, there are a few tips to keep in mind for optimizing the delivery process. 

Your POS system needs to be updated in order for you to provide some pizza delivery kirkwood mo residents want. The system needs to have the proper functions so that you can take orders over the phone and online. You also need to ensure that your phone system can handle the increase in the number of calls that come into the restaurant. Consider installing a phone in a location where customers can’t hear conversations and where you can clearly understand what the person on the other end of the line orders. 

Create an app that allows customers to place an order on their mobile device. This is ideal for those who are younger who might not want to take the time to call the business or go online to place an order as you app can feature everything from remembering the customer to saving payment types. This will make the ordering process a bit faster for everyone involved. However, you need to make sure your business receives the orders that are placed within a few moments so that customers aren’t waiting. 

Although it might make sense to use workers who aren’t busy to deliver pizzas, it’s often beneficial to put together a team who can focus on delivery and making sure orders are as they should be before they go out the door. When orders are placed, you need to ensure that every detail is carefully added to each pizza. If the pizzas are prepared properly the first time, then you’re only going to need to cut each one once before it’s sent out the door. It also means that customers won’t send pizzas back to the restaurant or want a refund. Consider adding a few little amenities with each order, such as mints, packets of pepper flakes or Parmesan cheese, or small containers or sauce for breadsticks. 

The packaging should be considered as you want to ensure that each pizza is hot when it’s delivered. Consider investing in insulated bags that will keep pizzas and other items warm for the duration of the transport so that customers receive an order that’s fresh. The name of your restaurant and contact information should be displayed on the box for the customer to see. Make sure you charge a delivery fee. Consider adjusting the fee based on how far away the customer is from the restaurant. Drivers need to be properly licensed before they get on the road to deliver pizzas. They also need to know how to make change and how to interact with customers as they will represent the business outside the walls.

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