Jakarta’s Culinary World at Its Best: Places to go on Weekends

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Visiting a Jakarta restaurant can be one of the fun culinary tourism activities to do on weekends. Though there are so many good places, here are some of our recommendations to begin:

List of Delicious Culinary Places in Jakarta

1. Bandar Djakarta

This first place was established in 2001. At the beginning of its establishment, this place could only accommodate 200 people. However, over time, this culinary area has been developed so that its capacity reached thousands of people.

Bandar Djakarta is located by the sea in the Ancol area. Because of its location close to the sea, this place also provides a variety of seafood. This location allows visitors to eat food while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Visitors can choose a specific spot to enjoy their food. Whether it’s outdoors, indoors or lesehan-style. (to eat while sitting on the floor/without table and chairs)

2. Pecenongan

This time, especially for people who like to hunt for culinary at night, there is Pecenongan that can be visited. This area is dominated by small stalls and operates from 5 pm until midnight.

As a culinary paradise at night, this location gets more crowded with visitors. This location is also legendary because it has been around since the 1970s. Of course, there are a variety of dishes to choose from here. From seafood and Chinese food to Martabak. (stuffed sweet pancake).

3. Food Lab Jakarta

For those who are still confused about what to do in Jakarta, visit the Jakarta Food Lab. As the name implies, this place is a fun culinary place to hang out with friends and family.

Food Lab Jakarta is located in South Jakarta. Here, every visitor has the opportunity to taste a variety of unique food creations. For example, Korean food, Pempek, ice cream, various flavors of martabak, cimol and so on.

4. Southbox

Those who want to enjoy their food while relaxing can come to Southbox. This culinary tourism spot is suitable for young people to hang out. The reason is that this place is very unique. The uniqueness is because the place is made out of recycled truck containers, in such a way that they become a comfortable place to eat and hang out. Southbox consists of two floors.

Some dishes visitors can enjoy while in this place are chicken noodles, coffee, durian soup and so on. Not only superior in terms of concept, but Southbox also presents live music that will make the atmosphere more exciting.

Jakarta is not only about business and traffic jams. Here there are many exciting tourist attractions including culinary attractions. The dishes served are also various, tasty and affordable in many places.

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