Why You Should Use A Broker To Buy Or Sell A Boat  

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When you decide to buy a boat, you may choose to go through a broker or not, and you will likely have success either way. However, when the time comes for you to sell your boat, you will most definitely want to use a broker to make sure the process is as painless as possible while also making sure you get a good deal. 

When it comes to determining if you should use a broker when selling your boat, you have to ask yourself: How much is your time worth? Brokers are primarily a personal time-saver who can tackle a lot of the dirty work and time-consuming factors that can drag the process down. Another main advantage of a broker is the fact that they have a personal obligation to their client. 

Getting Your Boat Noticed

If you decide to sell your boat without using a broker, you may end up missing out on a lot of chances to have your boat seen by those who are looking to buy. This is because a lot of boat sales websites require brokers to place the listings. There are also a lot of states that brokers are licensed, which means your sale/purchase has an extra level of protection. 

Buy a New Boat Through A Broker

As earlier mentioned, trying to buy a boat without a broker can truly limit the number of boats available to you. One of the things you need to know is that there are buyers brokers and sellers brokers, much like you would have with real estate sales. The immediate benefit of having a broker when it comes to buying a boat is the fact that it helps take away the emotional level of the transaction and keeps it all about the product and the numbers. 

Sell Your Boat With A Broker 

Having a broker on your side when the time comes to sell your boat is perfect because it not only helps remove the emotions out of the situation, but it will also help you get your boat in front of a lot more eyes. When you have a broker on your side, you will not have to be making trips down to the marina every time someone is interested in your boat. This can be exceptionally useful if you have your boat docked out of town. Having a broker on your side, much like having a licensed real estate agent on your side when selling your house, can help you with all of the small things that are involved with getting your boat all ready for sale. This means making sure it is clean, uncluttered, and in all working order. Brokers are also able to help you accomplish all of the paperwork that is involved with selling the boat, which can actually end up being a lot. And, unlike with a private sale, a broker can help add some additional security to a boat sale by doing an escrow account to hold the funds. 

How To Choose a Broker

Brokers are normally specified to either a geographical location or by type of vessel. Looking for a broker who is also a skilled sailor can add a certain amount of benefits to the deal because they will know the ins and outs of the product they are selling. 

This article was written by Ed Massey, President of Massey Yacht sales and service. Massey Yacht Sales & Service has continuously been in the yacht sales and outfitting business since 1986. At Massey, customer satisfaction has been and will remain our most important measure of success. If you are looking for yacht brokers in Florida then click here to learn more!


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